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Shadow Sprawl

Humans like to think we’re alone on this world, but in our hearts we’ve always known that to be a lie.

In the darkness, in the shadows, the other races still exist, hunting and feeding alongside of us. Struggling with each other for control over territory, power and position. And over the millennia they have grown with us, adapting, following mankind as it spread out across the face of the planet. They’ve made their homes in the cities, they control the very businesses we work for.

Welcome to Shadow Sprawl.

Shadow Sprawl is an Urban Fantasy setting for D6 Epic written for Final Sword Productions.

Although it is a modern setting, you will also find short stories, novella’s, and novels that delve into the history of the setting, along with gaming information for those time periods.

Shadow Sprawl products

Rebirth cover

Buy Rebirth: Caine and Lilith

This book contains player information for the historical setting of Caine's transformation into a Vampire. It ties into the fictional novel Rebirth by Terri Pray, and is part of Final Sword Productions D6 Epic Shadow Sprawl line. Within you will find:

  • Character biographies and character sheets for Caine and Lilith
  • Character biography and character sheet for Darrel - founder of the first Hunter clan.
  • Race information and character template for Dryads
  • Weapons, animals, and setting information for the setting
  • Character templates for era appropriate characters
  • Background history of the first Hunter clan - and information about the only weapon now capable of killing Caine...

Contract Writing Inquiries

If you're interested in writing for the Shadow Sprawl line please email with a query.

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