Final Sword Productions

3D Board Games

Final Sword Productions produces two 3D board games: Saganami Island Tactical Simulator and Battle Skies.

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Saganami Island Tactical Simulator (SITS) puts you in command of the ships of David Weber's Honorverse. Using a streamlined version of the critically acclaimed Attack Vector: Tactical game engine produces a fast and furious space combat game.

Thrill to the long range missile duel, dancing in 3D vector space with broadsides of laserheads. Or, close in to "kissing distance" and unleash the titanic fury of grasers and lasers! An innovative card draw mechanic incorporates "The Honor Factor" without turning the game engine into a series of speciall cases modifying special cases.

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Players take on the role of Dragons as they battle against one another in the skies over Erien. Their old sense of pride and self-importance mean that they must have the best feeding grounds available even if it means fighting other dragons to get it.

The game uses a system where at the start of each turn the players plot out their dragon’s movement for the turn. Movement is truly 3D allowing the dragons to fly up, down, left, right or any combination of directions. Elevation is tracked with stacking tiles and turns are shown with angled tilt blocks. Then with a bit of luck as their plans unfold on the game map they will be in a better position to strike either with breath weapon or claw.

Final Sword Productions also produces pewter miniatures for Saganami Island Tactical Simulator.